A simple way to save time at work

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It’s a good idea to create a list of questions and answers that people commonly ask you at work.

This will save you time and some grief from constant interruption.

  • Create a page or document somewhere (any tool will do), and call it “My FAQ”. (Obviously replace “My” with our name)
  • Add it to your email signature as a link, and whatever other social tools people can discover you by (your GChat handle, etc)
  • When new questions come in from people (from any channel), make sure to write them down in your FAQ first. Then, instead of answering them directly, send a link to the appropriate FAQ article.
  • Put a link on your FAQ to prompt people to say “Thanks”. This will encourage you to keep up your FAQ.

Once you’ve started to do this, you’ll get in the habit and find that the time you save makes up for time spent adding to your FAQ.

What tricks do you use to save time at work?

PS- If you would like a tool that can help you build your own personal FAQs at work, you can try CorpQNA. It will create and maintain your FAQ for you, let you share it, and do a lot of Q&A stuff that you might expect if your team really gets into it.

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