CoveredCA and Anthem Problems

I applied for insurance on the CoveredCA site a few weeks ago (in November).

The coveredca plan pricing was significantly better than what was available under the “individual insurance” page on their site.

That said, neither CoveredCA nor Anthem has had any contact with me, and I have been calling them weekly.

If you call them, expect long wait times. Also, the “online chat” feature on CoveredCA simply doesn’t work.

If you have been having problems, here’s what they told me:

  • They are behind on processing applications since they haven’t received them from CoveredCA.
  • They receive new applications from CoveredCA every Friday, so that’s a good time to check if they have your application.
  • There’s a lot of people looking for help / stressed out on the CoveredCA facebook page There seem to be some representatives of CoveredCA there, but they don’t seem to be able to help individuals.
  • If you were approved on the CoveredCA site for an Anthem plan, and you have your case # and application # (which should be available on your CoveredCA account), then you can send your payment with case# / application# and they will process it.

Mailing Address:

Anthem Blue Cross

Attention Covered California Exchange

PO BOX 9041

OXNARD, CA 93031

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