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I've been working on a new website called FeatureShot

As I've been building apps this past year, I've been overwhelmed at how fast website and apps are innovating.  It is really hard to keep up, let alone discover new things or incorporate new trends into products I'm building.

So, I built a tool that is aimed at developers and product managers who spend a lot of time evaluating new features of websites.  It allows you to take screenshots and categorize web and app features.

It is also a useful tool for anyone who is interested in seeing an "inside look" of new apps and website features.

If a product is big and complex enough, it is overwhelming to try and review it.  Instead, you want to review a small, digestible part of that feature.  I call those reviews "FeatureShots" - they are simply a few screen grabs of a feature, with a bit of explanation around what it does.

My vision is to build a comprehensive feature graph that connects these features.  That way, you view all the features that make up a product, compare it to other features in other products, and discover new features that you might like.   

Please check it out, and let me know what you think.

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