Shavery Mill Valley Review

I was driving down East Blithedale and noticed The Shavery had opened, I thought it would be good to give it a try. Ever since The Ranch closed in Mill Valley, I have been looking for a good men’s barbershop in town. I had tried to go to the Barber Shop on Locust, but it was not open when I tried to go there. I’ve now been to the Shavery twice and my Barber, Steven appraised my grey hair sticking up all over the place and got to work. He was able to tame my hair and did an excellent and precise job. He also uses a straight razor to get a close cut, which is great.

A haircut at The Shavery runs about $45 (this was May 2016), which is worth it for the personalized attention and professional expertise that Tony, Steven and the rest of the team bring to men’s haircuts.

If you are looking to get a high quality Men’s haircut in Mill Valley, I would recommend trying the Shavery on E. Blithedale.

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