Thank You, PayScale

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I have no idea how I made it through today.  It was one of the hardest days of my professional career. 

I announced that I will be transitioning out of my position as VP of Consumer Products and Chief Architect at PayScale.   

Back in 2000, Joe Giordano gave me the opportunity to help him build create an innovative product that changed how people and businesses have thought about pay. Back then, I was not married, lived in San Francisco, and most of my hair was brown.

Eleven years later, I am married, have two beautiful children, live in Issaquah, Washington, and have a head of full of grey hair.   I have had the opportunity to work with amazing people at PayScale, and I have learned so much.   We’ve built a great thing and changed how people get paid.

To all of you involved with PayScale, past, present, future - thank you. The list is long and I’m going to screw it up if I try to name you all in here.  But you know who you are and I owe each of you a beer.

All I can say about what’s next is that I am going to be launching something new, soon. Those of you who know me shouldn’t be surprised at the direction I’m heading in.  You may hear more from me publicly than you are used to. Thanks for your support and stay tuned.  
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