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Are you a developer or tech type?  You probably have a twitter account (here's mine).  You might even have a LinkedIn account.   

Do you have a github account?  

Ever since I've started to work on undo.io, I've started attending lots of events and taking a fresh look at the job market.  I noticed the trend a few months ago after attending some Seattle Rails and NodeJS events.  As I'm relatively new to the openstack community (coming from windows/.NET) I've been asking for quite a bit of help (people have been really awesome by the way when you ask).  The most helpful things I've found are where someone points me to a relevant repo on github.  


Github has infected many conversations I have with developers now.  Developers don't say "follow me on twitter" or "check out my linkedin account".  Instead, they'd point you to their github account, so you could see their latest nodejs project,  .vimrc or DCPU-16 hack.

Code is how developers communicate, and feel most comfortable.  Compared to how much we code, we don't really email, tweet, post status updates, or blog posts.  README files and comments in code are where we make our jokes, and we define ourselves in terms of languages we know, operating systems, or text editors.  (Don't believe me? ask a dev about any one of those topics, see if you can get them to shut up)


There are an increasing number of forms that have asked for my github account as a supplement to a traditional resume or linkedin profile.  It's a really great way to find out who you are as a developer, and what you are interested in.  Even if you aren't committing to a major project, looking at what you are watching, in which areas, is incredibly valuable. 

As a hiring manager, it lessens the need for code samples or programming interviews.  After all, there's your code, right up there on github.   

Having an active github account doesn't mean you'll get the next job, contract or round of funding.

But if you don't have one?  You might get disqualified altogether without even knowing it.

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