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I've open sourced undo.io.      Here's the github repo.

A place for my text files
Undo was just going to be a place on the web for my todo.txt files.  It still is that, but I added a bunch of features, some good, and some, well, less good.  I wanted something that let me mostly work in text.  I am a decent typer, I really like playing with new text editors (hello Sublime Text and Notational Velocity!)  I also felt that text was future-proof, so there'd be less concern about what happens to your data if the service goes offline.  
People often ask me why i called it undo.  I wanted to find a way "undo" my todo lists, rethink them, and make them simpler.

A way to learn Rails
I've been working on undo.io for about 4 months and it was my first Rails app.  I learned a lot (Rails, Linux, Vim, Heroku, etc) and i think I'm a better developer for that.

A hobby is not a business
I learned was that undo is not a business - it is a hobby and part of my workflow.    I still think productivity is an interesting space and notes in particular are so embryonic, there's always some interest.   That's the challenge - I didn't really publicize the tool other than a link or two here and there, and still, people come.  I think if you write a note taking app, a core group of passionate people will try it out, and some may even use it long term, just because that's how this product space is.  Productivity is a very personal thing - everyone has a different idea on what is right and it's fun to learn about.  I still think there's some value to the product and some interesting ideas.    I still need a note taking app and this will probably be part of my workflow for some time.    I'm putting it up on github since I think it could use some daylight.   I also feel like github is my new resume so I'd like my work product to be up there.  This isn't my cleanest code but when working as a lean startup, that's probably a good thing.

Existing users
Note to existing users: I'm not currently planning on taking it down for the time being.  I'd suggest you sync your notes to Dropbox though.  That way, you'll always have a copy of your data.

BTW - I am going to be moving my family back to the bay area in July.   I'll be really interested in meeting with people to talk about new opportunities and interests.  Stuff I'm interested in working on / learning about: big data, hadoop, bayesian networks, statistic programming, NodeJS and js projects in general, mobile development, HTML5 / CSS3, NoSQL.  

If any of this sounds relevant or you want to get in touch, please ping me


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